Dachshund Chronicles - Roper Lee

Dachshund Chronicles: Chapter 3

A/N:  Harley is (was) my beloved long-haired dachshund and Roper’s twin sister.  Twin, at least, in biology.  In reality they couldn’t have been more different.  Harley was always more adventurous, playful, clever and fearless than poor Roper.   “I told you that Aunt Harley was brought in as a consultant during the New Money security […]

Dachshund Chronicles - Roper Lee

Dachshund Chronicles: Chapter 2

AN:  Character’s Based on Real Animals/People:  Grandma Okinawa – my mother, with whom Roper lived (along with my Dad and older brother aka ‘Stinky Foot’, so named because he wouldn’t bend down to pet Roper, but would use his socked foot to rub him); Cookie – my childhood pet poodle; Roo – another childhood pet […]

Wanna know something?

I’m so glad you stopped by It’s Just Some Pancakes!  The idea for this blog was born from many hours remembering  animals I’ve known and loved in my life.  I know it may seem strange or even crazy to make up such an elaborate story involving animals, especially those who are no longer in the land of […]