Beard to Beard - Georgie Speaks

Yesterday was my birthday.  I got some organic peanut butter biscuits that Mama Dog says I can only have one at a time, and “occasionally.”  What a crock.  They were a gift and I should be able to help myself whenever I want.


I thought I would also be getting a new Companion for the Family Bed, but I didn’t.  In fact, I’ve been hearing whispers that Daddy and Mama Dog think the Family Bed is “getting pretty full.”  I think they’re planning a purge.  I haven’t shared my concerns with my Companions, as I don’t want to worry them, but I’m pretty concerned.  You like to think that in a country like America, this sort of thing would never happen.  But it does.  And society just turns a blind eye.  I’ve lost quite a few friends to this type of “Companion Cleansing.”  There was Ted – he was a hyper-active T-Rex with inner ear issues … he just never stopped spinning.  But he was a valued member of the Family Bed.   Then he was just gone.  I mean, sure, he’d lost his squeaker and had a gaping wound in his backside.  But he mattered.  And Randall the Mallard.  He was my only Companion capable of flight.  I was planning a trip across the country with him.  He disappeared about a year ago and I haven’t seen him since.  Mama Dog said he went to Storage.  Wherever that is.  He hasn’t even sent a post card.  I think the only reason Silent Claude has survived the Purge is because he’s so quiet.  But it’s probably just a matter of time before they dispose of him, too.  So many good friends just gone in the blink of an eye … or the time elapsed during my naps.


I saw Mama Dog looking on the Internet the other day.  She said she was ordering a silver polishing cloth and some Oxy-Clean.  But I suspect she was actually looking for potential Companions.  I don’t know what kind of screening process Amazon has, but so far, they’ve been pretty good in their recommendations.  I hope that the addition of a new Companion won’t mean the demise of an old Companion.  Maybe I should start stashing them somewhere besides the Family Bed.  Or maybe the best solution would just be to get a bigger Family Bed.  Then there would be room for all my Companions.  You know, that big bed in the Daddy and Mama Dog’s bedroom looks pretty plush … maybe they’ll trade.