Beard to Beard: Georgie Speaks

Beard to Beard - Georgie Speaks

Yesterday was my birthday.  I got some organic peanut butter biscuits that Mama Dog says I can only have one at a time, and “occasionally.”  What a crock.  They were a gift and I should be able to help myself whenever I want.   I thought I would also be getting a new Continue Reading

Beard to Beard: A Little Known Fact

Georgie reveals true Irish history.

In the Beginning Time of the Great Continent Pangaea, a great warrior chieftain, Mickey O’ Ogg ruled over all. Until the continental plates began to shift and separate. O’ Ogg tried to convince his tribe to jump to the larger section of land as it drifted but most were too Continue Reading

Beard to Beard: A Little Known Fact

Georgie reveals true Irish history.

Irish warrior-turned-farmer Aodh Dunne was a legendary sportsman. He held the honor of being the only Irishman ever to swim the River Swilley fully-clothed and while drinking a stout. Each summer, when he held what he called A Tournament of Physical Prowess, his property was overrun with participants from all Continue Reading

Beard to Beard: The View From the Family Bed

Beard to Beard - Family Bed

Too often, I find myself completely caught up in my work. My Companions are so important to me and I tend to measure my own happiness and contentment by their happiness and contentment. Which is unfortunate because some of them are, quite honestly, never happy or content. (Bachmann) Anyway, when Continue Reading

Beard to Beard: A Public Service Announcement from Georgie

Irish Viking Dachshund with a beard

A severe cold front has moved into our area.  Please be advised that below-freezing temperatures and potentially, freezing rain, will likely hover over the region for the next several days.  I have cancelled all Companion field trips and The Family Bed Education, Rehabilitation and Training Center will be closed until Continue Reading