Beard to Beard - Georgie Thinks

My name is Georgia.  I am a 7  year old wire-haired Irish Viking Dachshund with a beard.  When my Daddy-dog and I discuss history or politics, or life in general, we do it beard to beard.  He listens better when my face is right next to his.


I want to set the record straight about a few things.


First of all, about the REAL history of Ireland – The Irish are the most innovative, creative and advanced people on Earth.  But because they are also the most trusting, they have been fuckled out of the credit and glory from some of the world’s most amazing inventions and ideas.


Second, if you don’t have a beard, what you have to say just doesn’t matter.  It’s true.  Live with it.


And third, beavers may seem like reliable, trustworthy companions.  But you can’t believe a word that comes out of their porky mouths.


Beard to Beard is full of Georgie’s musings,  She has a lot of opinions, a menagerie of stuffed animal sidekicks and a vast knowledge of the real history of Ireland and the Irish.  Also, she has a beard.  Seriously.