Hey there!  My name is Sharon, and although you may find the recipe for Roper Lee’s famous Grub Casserole here, It’s Just Some Pancakes is not a cooking blog.

Do y’all know how some people (like little kids or my mother) sometimes hear an expression and repeat it but in the funniest way?  Well, that’s how ‘It’s Just Some Pancakes’ came about … only, instead of a little kid (or my mother), the expression was actually coined by my brother’s late dachshund.  No, no, no, no – don’t be confused!  I’ll explain.

See, in my house, animals are more than pets – they’re family.  I make up voices for them so they can ‘talk’; they have hobbies, jobs, friends, political aspirations.  (Well, only a couple have political aspirations …)  My human family (ie: Husband #1 and Kids #1, #2, #3, #4) so enjoy their stories and antics that I was inspired to create an entire alternate universe where my animals live and work and have all kinds of adventures.  And because we don’t stop loving or remembering our furry friends when they pass, their stories continue in this other world.  I know, judge me – I’m a freak.   What does any of this have to do with pancakes?  Ah, my point … let me get around to that …

One of the stars of this alternate universe, my brother’s late dachshund Roper Lee, was FAMOUS for always mispronouncing words and never getting expressions right.  For example, when it comes down to the details of a situation and a normal person (or dog) might dismiss them by saying “it’s just semantics,”  Roper’s version of the expression is … yep – ‘It’s just some pancakes’.  And he uses that to let you know that he’s done listening to whatever you’re saying and he’s already moving on to another, more interesting subject in his head.

I promise it will all make much more sense when you read “The Dachshund Chronicles,” which you should do immediately. The ‘Chronicles’ are just for fun, sure.  But if you happen to find a bit of truth (or fashion advice) in there, don’t be surprised.  I’m so excited for y’all to meet Roper and Harley and the rest of the Under Dome citizenry!  Have a great time … and don’t forget to walk softly.

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